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DongGuan School

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DongGuan School

Dongguan - A Completed Sunshine Academy Project

Generally speaking, Sunshine Academy enters into agreements with government orphanges for 1-5 years. During this time our plan is to train the teachers and leaders withe ultimate goal being that they eventually lead the school on their own. Once a Sunshine Academy has been firmly established at an orphanage, our director hands the leadership over to the trained local staff. The project is then completed and the Sunshine Academy director can move to the next location to train a new team in a new city.

The Dongguan Social Welfare Center serves 800 children and is the second largest Social Welfare Center in Guangdong province. In 2011 Sunshine Academy began work at the Dongguan Social Welfare Center creating a Kindergarten and Primary School program. For 5 years, Sunshine Academy Director Samantha Sun worked side-by-side with the Dongguan Center administrators and teaching team to develop Sunshine Academy for over 100 students. Currently Dongguan Sunshine Academy is fully led and managed by the staff trained by Samantha. We are proud to say that since 2016, the local leadership (Dongguan Center staff and management Sunshine Academy has trained) are independently overseeing our Sunshine Academy. Sunshine Academy continues to provide training opportunities for the Dongguan Sunshine Academy team.

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