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  • XuChang School
  • XuChang School
  • XuChang School
XuChang SchoolXuChang SchoolXuChang SchoolXuChang School

In 2017 the Director Ms.Li of the Zhengzhou Children’s Welfare Center introduced Sunshine Academy to the leadership of the Xuchang Center.

Upon our first introduction, we saw that the leadership of this orphanage was enthusiastic, forward-thinking and eager to do more for their children. So it was with mutual excitement that we began our Sunshine Academy school for 35 Xuchang children.

Our director Janet Qin effectively trained the team of teachers and in a short amount of time, this team was putting into action our Sunshine philosophies with much love. Birthday parties and holiday parties started with a splash and students were soon learning how to line up, sing the Sunshine Academy song and use some English to introduce their English name.

We are excited to see our Xuchang team and students continue to grow together!

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