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  • Zhengzhou School
  • Zhengzhou School
Zhengzhou SchoolZhengzhou SchoolZhengzhou School

As the provincial capital of China’s most populated province: Henan, the Zhengzhou Child Welfare Institute serves hundreds of children. The leadership of this Center through their close relationship with the Boa’an Social Welfare Center Director Mr.Tao contacted Sunshine Academy in 2016 with the desire to increase the level of education for their children.

With 115 students, the Zhengzhou Sunshine Academy is our largest school. Our director Effie Ren leads a large teaching team who work together to love and educate these special students. Our focus in Zhengzhou is on the primary school grades and using different methods to help these special needs students grow as far as possible.

Our Sunset Hours program for the students living in the dormitories has given the children meaningful activities after school including training the children how to better take care of themselves – cleaning up after meals, tending to their own personal hygene and enjoying a bed time story.

The “Bring Me Sunshine” team brought an unforgettable summer camp experience to our kids full of summer time fun like splashing in the pool and scavenger hunts.

We are proud of our Zhengzhou team and all that they have accomplished for the sake of our children!

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