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  • ChengDu School
  • ChengDu School
  • ChengDu School
ChengDu SchoolChengDu SchoolChengDu SchoolChengDu School

Sunshine Academy is proud to partner with the progressive Chengdu Child Welfare Center. The Chengdu leadership have a strong desire to provide as much support as possible to the children at their Center. Therefore in 2016 the Chengdu Center invited Sunshine Academy to partner with them to build up their education program. Our Sunshine Director Samantha Sun has brought our Sunshine Academy philosophies and methodology to the Chengdu teacher team resulting in an organized education system enabeling the 65 Chengdu students to advance further in their studies.

The Chengdu Center’s unique “Dayi Village” program has over 100 children in foster families at the Dayi Village one hour’s drive from the orphanage. Sunshine Academy is bringing our education program to the Dayi Village supporting the foster mothers as they teach the children life skills and help them to be as independent as possible.

Sunshine Academy’s “Bring Me Sunshine” summer camp program was a big hit with the kids and staff as volunteers brought the summer fun for the kids including swimming, cooking and soccer classes.

We are grateful to join with our Chengdu counterparts impacting the lives of our Chengdu students and staff.

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