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Bao'An School

  • Bao‘An School
  • Bao‘An School
  • Bao‘An School
  • Bao‘An School
  • Bao‘An School
Bao‘An SchoolBao‘An SchoolBao‘An SchoolBao‘An SchoolBao‘An School

From Sunshine Academy’s inception, the Bao’an Social Welfare Center has been one of our greatest supporters. The Bao’an Center’s Director Tao has welcomed us and encouraged us to pioneer our programs within the walls of this progressive Center, training their staff and creating a new educational and living environment for their children.

We have worked with and trained the Bao’an staff – teachers, assistants, caregivers and administration – to develop our programs touching the lives of hundreds of children over the past years. Classroom and living areas have been renovated, daily routines have been set and the staff team has been developed all to create a Sunshine Academy that the entire Center is proud of. Our Sunshine team of teachers, assistants and caregivers is managed by Sunshine Academy Executive Director Heidi Olson.

But the biggest success of Sunshine Academy Bao’an has been the children! Our graduates go on to attend public school, advance to our Special and Vocational Education school and many are also adopted and join their “forever families” who often contact us to tell us how grateful they are that we invested our love in their children – and that their kids can speak English!

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