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ZhuHai School

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ZhuHai School

Zhuhai – Completed Sunshine Academy Project

Generally speaking, Sunshine Academy enters into agreements with government orphanges for 1-5 years. During this time our plan is to train the teachers and leaders withe ultimate goal being that they eventually lead the school on their own. Once a Sunshine Academy has been firmly established at an orphanage, our director hands the leadership over to the trained local staff. The project is then completed and the Sunshine Academy director can move to the next location to train a new team in a new city.

Before Sunshine Academy began at the Zhuahi Social Welfare Center, staff had no time nor expertise to work with their special needs children. The result was under-stimulated children. When Sunshine Academy began in 2010, things began to change. Staff were trained, classrooms renovated with colorful walls and creative toys. It only took a few weeks of classes for staff to see the differences in the children. Children began to be able to walk on their own, drink from their own cups and they even told their caregivers, “I am growing up!” Everyone from the caregivers to the top administrators were thrilled with the transformation of their children as they “woke up” and came to life!

The teachers at Zhuhai have a special love for art and have developed a special art room for our students. At least two times per week, our Sunshine Kids will find themselves in the art room painting, coloring, gluing, cutting and sculpting. For many of our children who have special needs, the art room is the perfect place for them to blossom and grow.

Sunshine Academy’s work in Zhuhai is led by local leaders who were trained by Sunshine Academy. It is a completed project fully managed by the Zhuhai Social Welfare Center.

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