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The Christmas Season has Come to Sunshine Academy!

Sunshine Academy kids have been experiencing the joy and generosity of Christmas as our Sunshine Academy schools are looking festive with Christmas trees and colorful decorations and the Christmas parties have already begun!

Christmas is a wonderful time for many in our community to join us as we bring love and education to abandoned children in China. Through joining our parties and giving Christmas gifts to our students, our amazing community is  bringing the spirit of Christmas to many precious children.

Many friends joined our Bao’an Sunshine Academy Christmas party, bringing an incredible amount of enthuiasm and love! Coaches from Five-Star Sports and Shenzhen Soccer Rangers cheered for the kids as they played basketball and soccer. Students and teachers from ISNS helped students make decorations for the Christmas tree. Many of our My Sunshine sponsors and helped the students as they did all of the fun Christmas activities!

At our newest Sunshine Academy in Xuchang, our Sunshine kids experienced their first Christmas party ever! Teachers, staff and administrators came together to create a majical moment for the kids as they played games, made Christmas cards and received gifts from Santa!

Our other Sunshine Academy schools will also be having their Christmas parties soon – it is a fantastic season of joy and generosity! All of our Sunshine Academy children will receive a unique Christmas present. Each child made a special gift wish and so many incredible Sunshine Academy friends made the children’s wishes come true! Many groups came together to provide a gift for each of our children at all 6 of our Sunshine Academy schools located in Bao’an, Dongguan, Chengdu, XuChang, Zhengzhou and Zhuhai. Over 600 children will receive gifts this Christmas! We would like to thank all of our gift-givers!

A special thank you to all those who donated gifts!

Ashley’s Women’s Grup

Buena Vista Concordia International School (BCIS)

California Kids Club (CKC)

International School of Nanshan (ISNS)


Kelvin’s Team

Mr.Zheng Xiang

Nanshan Church




Snake Pit Sports and Social Club Committee

Sunflower Book Club


Treasures of Hope

Thank you to all and Merry Christmas from Sunshine Academy!

For more information about Sunshine Academy’s work with abandoned children in China, visit our website www.casunshine.org or contact us today about how you can get involved laurenluo@casunshine.org


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