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A new Sunshine Sapling

November 30th, 2017

Effie Ren

I first met Winnie on September 8th when we gave her education evaluation. She has beautiful smiles. Even thought her cerebral palsy made it difficult for her to speak, walk or write - but I was so amazed as I saw this 8 year-old little girl - it seemed that despite her limitations, she never wanted to give up ! Based on her evaluation, she became one student of our Sunshine Academy Grade One.

English class is new to Winnie, and she was very excited. She learned Letter G on our first English class. I was so impressed by her handwriting. Three weeks later, she picked up all the letters from A to F and some vocabularies we learned before she came. Her Chinese and math teachers told me she also made big progress on different subjects since she came to school.

We are so amazed by this strong girl! We are so happy to have her at Zhengzhou Sunshine Academy, and we are looking forward to seeing her grow more with us.


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