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Sunshine Kids Celebrate Children’s Day

Our Sunshine Academy students in Henan province all received a special and personal reminder this Children’s Day that they are loved. Thanks to many donors and friends of Sunshine Academy, each of our students received a personal, handmade card to wish them a Happy Children’s’ Day and to remind them that they are loved.

Over 200 handmade cards were delivered on Children’s Day to the glee of our students. Each unique card carried a message of love. Teachers took the time to one by one read the cards to our excited students who cherished their own personal card.

April Li, friend of Sunshine Academy, spent time making cards for our students, she wrote, "One of the most meaningful things I did last week was to make some Children's Day cards for children I have never met at Sunshine Academy in Henan. May we all remember what it feels like to be loved and embraced."

One of our Sunshine Academy Nanyang teachers said that the students in her class were so happy to see the cards. Some students who could read would point to each character in the card one by one. Other students who enjoy art were inspired to add their own artwork to the cards.

Thank you to all of our donors and friends who did something significant to celebrate this Children’s Day. Your generous donations will be used to continue our mission to love and educate orphans and bring more moments of joy to our kids.

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