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Love never ends

During the quarantine, the teachers of Nanyang Sunshine Academy never stopped caring. To protect the children from the coronavirus, the Nanyang Center locked down with only caregivers and few teachers inside to care for the children in their dormitories. Our Sunshine teachers have not been able to return to classes leaving them with the thoughts: How are my students doing? Have they missed the time in class? Have they forgotten me a little bit?

During this whole period, our Project Managers Janet and Carina have been able continue to develop the Nanyang teaching team through online training. During one training time they discussed their concerns about their separation from the students and they came up with a plan to make a video for the students to show them how much their teachers miss them.

The video starts just like a typical day at Sunshine Academy with our morning welcome circle. In the video, eleven teachers plus Janet and Carina appear one by one happily singing and dancing to our school song. After the morning circle the teachers one by one from their hearts shared loving words for their students. The video ends with photos of the beautiful memories of classes together.

Ms. Li and Ms. Wang who have been with the students during this time showed the video to the kids. Ms. Wang said, As soon as the students heard the music begin they all joined in with singing and hand motions. When they saw their teacher they clapped their hands excitedly and shouted, ‘My teacher!’ When they saw pictures of themselves and their friends they happily called you, “That’s me! That’s you!”

Although the teachers and students couldn’t see one another face to face, the love from the teachers expressed in the video as well as the excitement and joy of the students’ response made it seem as if there was no distance between them at that moment. . . . Probably this is the power of love. 



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