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Sunshine Academy Training Goes Online!

Sunshine Academy is using this time of confinement to launch our first online training program. Continuing to support all of our teachers is of great importance to us in these unique days. We have been able to move our mission forward with this online training module designed especially for our head teachers from the Luohe, Nanyang and Xuchang Centers. Our project manager team led the four-day interactive training on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) special education concepts March 10-13.

Our teachers and leaders at the centers were grateful for an opportunity to learn online in a small group where they could ask questions and have discussion on the concepts they were learning.

Seven participants from three centers joined our training led by our Deputy Director of Project Implementation Effie Ren (pictured top left) and our Project Manager team. Executive Director Heidi Olson (pictured top center) welcomes the participants to the training.

Project Manager Jordan Tasker said of the training, “This online training was very new for Sunshine Academy. It was a great opportunity to keep sharing new information with teachers even though we have not been able to meet in person. It has allowed us to train head teachers on ABA principles and practice using the principles to analyse videos of our teachers’ classes.”

During this unprecedented season, we are very proud of all of the teachers and Center administrators who have worked around the clock to ensure the safety of the children living at the Centers. We applaud them for their heart to serve and protect the children. Thank you also to all of our donors and friends for your ongoing support at this time.

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