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Happy New Year from Sunshine Academy

Thanks to incredible support from the friends of Sunshine Academy, we have had a very blessed 2019. We wish you and your family many blessings in 2020!

The Blessings of 2019

Advancements in Special Education. Our Special Education Specialist Rachel Gilmour has led us to deepen our understanding of Special Education enabling us to train our teachers in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) methodologies and provide greater support for our students.

A dedicated staff team. This year Rachel Gilmour, Jordan Tasker and Carina Qiao joined our team each of them bringing experience in Special Education and a commitment to the mission of educating and loving orphans.

Bring Me Sunshine Summer Camp Teams from California. This young and enthusiastic team gave two weeks of summer fun to our students in Zhengzhou and Luohe.

Our 11th Annual Sunshine Academy Benefit Fair. A fantastic family event brining the local community together for the cause of serving orphans and supporting the mission of Sunshine Academy.

Our newest Sunshine Academy in Nanyang. Our project managers Janet Qin and Carina Qiao are leading the teacher team to serve 41 new students.

Two National Trainings. With a sharp focus on Special Education, Sunshine Academy provided training to over 26 organizations.

As we count our many blessings of 2019 we are thankful for the great support from all those who have given their talents, gifts, time and love to Sunshine Academy and look forward to the blessings of 2020!



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