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Sunshine Fair Silent Auction

Everyone is a Winner!

Thanks to our generous donors, this year’s Sunshine Academy Fair Silent Auction has some fantastic items waiting for you!

How does the Silent Auction Work?

Visit the Silent Auction to check out the great items for sale

Place a bid on the items you want

Check your bids throughout the fair to see if someone has outbid you

At 2:00pm the person with the highest bid on the item wins the item!

When you win the bid, 100% of the money you spend at the Silent Auction goes directly to Sunshine Academy’s work with abandoned children across China. Everyone is a winner! You get a great item and our Sunshine Academy will use your donation to provide loving education for orphans.

See you at the Fair!

Examples of items for bid at the Silent Auction:

CKC 2020 Summer Camp Vouchers

BCIS Summer Camp Vouchers

Five-Star Sport Vouchers

PGA Golf Academy Vouchers

VGCC Six-day Christmas STEM Vouchers

Urbanista Earphones and Speakers

Sim's Bakery Voucher

Robots Donated by Blue Light Kids Club

Asia Pacific Sailing College Vouchers

Kindle Donated by Sandy Liu

Baia Burger Concept Vouchers



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