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Bring Me Sunshine-Witness of love!

Kids in Luohe school stand in circle in the playground every morning, sing Sunshine Academy song and play activities, start the new school day and happiness!For the first time, kids had the experience of swimming, water fights, fishing and slip-sliding, they were so excited!

Volunteers’ witnessing love of the children:

Joan Wang

It's my first time to closely connect with the children of the orphanage. I can feel the love and tenderness in their hearts. Among them, there is a little boy in a wheelchair named Greg. Every time you look him in the eye, he will give you a big smile. Although his motion is limited, he works very hard in every activity. I sincerely wish every child at the Center can bloom like a flower under the sunshine.

Lauren Lauren

Charles is 5 years old, he is a smart boy in the middle class. Like many children in welfare centers, he is particularly eager for the attention of adults. I have taught him the gesture of flying butterfly for several times, as he did it well then I was going to walk away, he just shouted:”Ms.Lauren, I can’t do it!”After many times, when I asked whole class who can have your butterfly fly beautifully, he said immediately with hand movement:”It’s me!It’s me!”In fact, Charles just wanted me to hold his little hand for a while, he longed for a Mom’s warm!

Brad Bauer

Larry was part of the class of older kids (young teens), and I could tell he was very intelligent. The disease that disallows Larry to use his hands properly, So I let him borrow my computer to type his story—one letter at a time with one finger at a time. Despite all his difficulties, and being confined to a wheelchair, Larry has a smile on his face. The second day of the camp Larry told me, “Bai Laoshi, Wo ai ni!” Today we had a blue horse craft, we used our hand-prints in blue ink to form the bulk of the animal, which was perfect for Larry. He was also able to do most of the tail and head with a blue pen. He was also happy to beat me at arm wrestling with his left arm. Even though his hands and fingers don’t do everything they should, Larry still has strong arms!

Lance Bauer

I first met Ruth in my outdoor play class. She is in the more advanced class of teens. Since she is confined to a wheelchair, I wanted to be sure to include her in the activities by tossing a ball back and forth with her. I found out she is very outgoing and cheerful, despite her disability. As I got to know Ruth better and better, I discovered that she draws very well. She’s very smart and has an American type of sense of humor that likes to tease a lot.  I will miss seeing her everyday.


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