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BringMeSunshine-You Inspired Me!

The first Summer Camp in Xuchang school was led by volunteers of Bring MeS unshine: Cindy Tsou, Gracie Dean, Celine Franklin, Helen Yang, Katrina Bauer and Emily Yang Bauer.

Our volunteers bought excitment and happiness to all kids, meanwhile, they also learnt to be strong from kids.


Gracie Dean

Cherry, a grade 2 student at our XuChang program, is a bright girl possessing many forms of intelligence. Although she is visually impaired, her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn has demonstrated to me that a love for knowledge is not restricted by physical disability, but only by attitude. Furthermore, her emotional intelligence and kind spirit truly shows that one’s personality is not defined by one’s physical condition. Cherry even won two rounds of music chairs with such limited vision. Cherry’s actions every day continue to inspire us and show us that every child deserves love and care. 


Cindy Tsou

“Nihao!” As I took my first step into Sunshine Academy, I was met with Richard’s excited greeting. Richard has clubfoot, is unable to stand or walk, and must use his arms and knees to crawl across the floor, often leaving him with bloody knees. Yet he has never let himself be defined by his limitations; rather, they are his motivation for learning and independence. Seeing him work so hard inspires me to work even harder each and every day. His attitude has helped me realize that no challenge in the classroom is insurmountable. Even when I am feeling sick or down, I can always find the energy to lead the class. Through meeting Richard, I have become more resilient, more hard working, and more positive!


Celina Franklin

Sara, a first grader in our program, is a very smiley and kind girl when you first meet her. Just by teaching her for a week she has already inspired me to be a leader, as she is one everyday. She never hesitates to help someone whether it is one of her classmates that isn’t understanding the material taught to them is, or if it is a teacher needing help to clean up. Once she starts doing something, her classmates join in making the class environment very easy to teach in and enjoyable for everyone.


Helen Yang

Carson has Down syndrome not only dances to the music and tries out the slip and slides, he takes full advantage of everything he has. He waves through the office window everyday and is happy to try new things. Occasionally, he even encourages his own classmates by giving them high fives or cheering them on. He brings sunshine to everyone each day!


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