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2018 Spring Training!

Spring Training for over 125 Sunshine Teachers

The heart of Sunshine Academy is our belief that all children should grow up in a truly loving environment where they can be given freedom within clear boundaries. These principles are the foundation of all that Sunshine Academy seeks to accomplish in Social Welfare Centers across China and in the lives of hundreds of orphans.

To instill these core values, Sunshine Academy spends incredible amounts of energy and time in on-going training for all Sunshine Acadey teachers. This spring, Sunshine Academy conducted two major training events for over 125 Sunshine Academy team members. In Bao’an, over 25 staff gathered for training and at the Zhengzhou Children’s Welfare Cetner over 100 staff from 5 locations came together to receive training.

Executive Director Heidi Olson serves as the principle trainer at Sunshine Academy. With 10 years experience at Sunshine Academy, Sunshine Academy’s goal is to not only teach theory, but to give teachers practical tools and inspiration to continue to love and educate our students even in when facing the challenges of a myriad of abilities and disabilities.

One Sunshine Academy teacher wrote about the training, “ Once again attending Sunshine Academy’s training helps us to understand more about the Sunshine philosophy which will provide a good support for our practical teaching.”

A Sunshine teacher writes, “I am reminded that our children need us to help them gain  achievements and develop a sense of who they are, and as we do this, we as teachers will also find our own value.”

Throughout the year Sunshine Academy conducts ongoing training for our staff in each city.Through coaching and training, we believe that we can develop excellent teachers who will serve orphans their entire career. It is our heart to investin these dedicated teachers.


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