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Is Sunshine Academy an orphanage?

Sunshine Academy is not an orphanage, we are a registered NGO, in partnership with govenment Social Welfare Centers (orphanages)  providing public welfare centers with: advisory and educational advisory services and life and vocational skills training related to special education.

Do you have your own school building?

Sunshine Academy has no our own school buildings. All of our Sunshine Academy schools are within Social Welfare Centers. We develop our Special Education programs within the already existing centers where the children live and the goal is finally managed and operated by welfare center leaders.


Do you give children clothes and food?

Sunshine Academy provides Special Education support and services for students in the Social Welfare Centers. The Centers provide all of the basic needs for the children.

Are the teachers, assistants and caregivers are employees of Sunshine Academy?

All of our teachers, assistants and caregivers are employees of the Social Welfare Centers. Our Sunshine Academy project managers train and guide these staff to develop a Sunshine Academy school.

Where does funding come from?

Sunshine Academy depends solely on donations. We do not receive any money from the government and we do no apply for government support or purchase services either. We offer our services free of charge. Donations mainly come from within China, from generous individuals, schools and businesses. As a registered Chinese NGO, a fapiao is issued by Sunshine Academy for all donations made. 


How does Sunshine Academy spend these donation?

All donations are used only for Sunshine Academy programs to provide Special Education for Sunshine students. All indirect expenses or overhead is underwritten (donated) by founder Emily Yang Bauer. Funding from generous donors cover direct expenses: Staff salaries (Sunshine Academy Project Managers and Administrative staff), benefits and all expenses for the training, management and guidance of Sunshine Academy staff. Your gift makes big different to Sunshine students!


Can I come and take a look?

Our Sunshine Academy kids have many adults coming and going in their lives, so we try to limit the number of people coming into our schools each day. We do not offer open visits but for our donors, volunteers and special friends we sometimes offer private invitations to holiday parties and activities.


Do you need clothes and toys?

The Social Welfare Centers generally provide all clothing and toys for the children. In special situations we are happy to accept new toys and educational materials for our kids.

What are the greatest needs?

We love when people make donations to sponsor a child through our My Sunshine program. This is the best way you can help our Sunshine kids - by providing the fees to cover their education. We also love dedicated volunteers on the weekends and as native English speaking English teachers.


Are you a registered NGO?

Sunshine Academy( “Shenzhen Bao’an Sunshine Children Care Center.”) is a registered Chinese NGO in Bao’an Shenzhen. Our NGO registration number:52440306577683045F


Contact: Ivy Bai

Phone: 13360527824

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Email: ivybai@casunshine.org

Add: 354 Liutang Rd and Xin'an St, Bao'an Shezhen, Guangdong Prov. , PR China