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Is Sunshine Academy an orphanage?

Sunshine Academy is not an orphanage. we are a non-profit organization that develops schools with government Social Welfare Centers (orphanages).

Do you have your own school building?

All of our Sunshine Academy schools are within Social Welfare Centers. We develop our programs within the already existing Centers where the children live.

Do you give Children clothes and food?

The Social Welfare Centers provide all of the basic needs for the children. We work alongside the Social Welfare Centers to provide education for the abandoned children living in their Centers.

Who are your teachers?

All of our teachers, assistants and caregivers are employees of the Social Welfare Centers. Our Sunshine Academy Directors train and mange these staff to develop a Sunshine Academy School.

How are you funded?

Sunshine Academy depends solely on donations. We do not receive any money from the government-we offer our services free of charge. Donations mainly come from within China, from generous individuals, schools, local churches and businesses. We also receive some funds from donors outside of China.

What's "My Sunshine" program?

My Sunshine is a year-round sponsorship program for all students enrolled in our Sunshine Academy school programs. Sponsorship rates are based on the costs of educating each child within our programs. Each child has the right to high-quality education so we actively invest in that education by providing on-going training and support to the teachers and staff we work with in the Chinese Social Welfare Centers. By our calculations, training staff and maintaining these high-quality programs costs about RMB200 per month, per child, meaning that a yearly sonsorship per child is valued at RMB2400. This cost is subject to change based on the number of students enrolled in our programs and the number of full-time staff employed by Sunshine Academy.

How does Sunshine Academy spend these donation?

Donations are used only for Sunshine Academy direct expenses: Staff salaries (Sunshine Academy Directors and Administrative staff) and benefits. All indirect expenses or overhead is underwritten (donated) by the founders Emily and Brad Bauer. Sunshine Academy teachers, assistant teachers and caregiver salaries are covered by the Social Welfare Centers.

Can I come and take a look?

Our Sunshine Academy kids have many adults coming and going in their lives, so we try to limit the number of people coming into our schools each day. We do not offer open visits but for our donors, volunteers and special friends we sometimes offer private invitations to holiday parties.

Do you need clothes and toys?

The Social Welfare Centers generally provide all clothing and toys for the children. In special situations we are happy to accept new toys and educational materials for our kids.

What are the greatest needs?

We love when people make donations to sponsor a child through our My Sunshine program. This the best way you can help our Sunshine kids-by providing the fees to cover their education. We also love dedicated volunteers on the weekends and as native English speaking English teachers.

Are you a registered charity?

Sunshine Academy is a registered NGO in Bao'an, Shenzhen, China (#070008), It is also a registered 501(c)3 in California. Therefore we are able to issue a Chinese receipt (Fapiao) as well as a receipt from our U.S. charity for tax purposes.



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