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Bring Me Sunshine Summer Camp

Each summer we take a break from classes and give our kids a summer camp experience full of summertime fun like splashing in the pool, cooking and games. Become a volunteer and help our kids create some amazing childhood memories full of fun, new experiences and a deep sense of belonging.

What is your favorite activity? Outdoor play, music, art, cooking or English classes? As a  volunteer, choose an activity that you feel comfortable preparing plans for and leading with the help of a Chinese assistant. Maybe you have a special skill or hobby that you could share with the students? Share with us and we can see how to bring your passions to our students!

If you are at least 16 years old had have experience working with children and a desire to impact the lives of orphans – check out our Bring Me Sunshine Summer Camp! There is nothing better than sharing your skills, passions, enthusiasm and love with others in need. When you give of yourself to children in need, you often find that you are the one that receives the most. A life changing summer in China awaits you!

Please visit http://www.bringmesunshine.org for more details.


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