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Sunshine Team

Sunshine Academy is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors with years of experience in serving the underprivileged around the world. Board members are: Emily Bauer, Brad Bauer, Bob Pagett, Scott Irvine, Judene Irvine, Daniel Brown and Sabine Li.

Bob Pagett

Bob and his wife Charlene co-founded Assist International where Bob continues to serve as CEO designing and implementing humanitarian programs to meet the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people in over 60 countries. As a founding board member of Sunshine Academy, Bob’s heart to serve and expertise in providing strategic help has always provided sound advice and direction.
Scott Irvine
Scott serves on our board of directors with his wife Judene. He was born and raised in Southern California where he began his career in the petroleum industry. Since 2003 Scott has worked overseas in Asia and the Middle East with … Working overseas has given Scott a unique perspective on the needs of the poor and vulnerable, wherever he has worked and lived, he has endeavored to make a difference in the lives of those in need.
Judene Irvine

Judene was born in South Dakota. Her 35 years of work experience includes a variety of staff and managerial positions in law firms, post-secondary private and public educational institutions, and banking. She has effectively taken her wide variety of life experience to impact the lives of children in China. After moving to China with her husband Scott in 2003, Judene actively sought ways in which to reach the lives of abandoned children. Judene continues to pour her life into the lives of others as an active board member and volunteer at Dongguan Sunshine Academy serving as an English teacher and supporting our management of the school. Her heart is to help our children reach their full potential eventually through vocational training programs.
Daniel Brown
Founder of The Coastlands (Aptos Foursquare Church) in California where he served as the chief executive for 20 years .Today, Daniel is a much-sought-after, international speaker for the training of leaders, and has authored five books. Daniel served on the pastoral team of Jack Hayford’s organization, Church on the Way, for five years, and was a university professor at UCLA. Long-time counselor, pastor and friend of the Bauer’s, Daniel’s discernment and encouragement have given solid direction to Sunshine Academy from the very beginning.
Sabine Li
Founding Executive Director of Sunshine Academy, Sabine was a part of the visionary team that began the work of Sunshine Academy. Her passion and expertise laid the foundation of Sunshine Academy. She continues to advise and support from her home in Germany where she and her husband Hong Rong raise their four children and she serves as a lawyer.

Emily Bauer, Co-FounderEmily Bauer

Emily is a mother of three who believes that children who grow up in a loving and well-structured environment have the best chance to become happy, shinning individuals who make meaningful contributions to the world society. She is also deeply concerned about the welfare of orphans and has made this cause to be her life-long goal.
Emily thinks human beings can integrate traditionally opposing qualities: one can be both logical and fabulously creative at the same time. She is a passionate designer who brings a unique fusion sensation into all her architectural and interior design work.
Emily has a BA in Communication Arts (with a TESL certificate) from Bethany University in California and a MBA from University of California at Berkeley and Davis. She spent eight years in hi-tech software and service marketing and sales in Silicon Valley.  She is also the Co-Founder of California Kids Club.
Brad Bauer, Co-FounderBrad Bauer
A California native who earned his Bachelors Degree in Commercial Design at Oral Roberts University, Brad enjoyed 12 years of creating advertising for the high-tech companies of Silicon Valley, where he founded BAUERHAUS DESIGN, before moving to Asia in 2001. For five years, he taught English in several schools in Shenzhen, China--in various venues from young students to corporate English training.
While in Shenzhen, Brad and Emily opened the first California Kids Club, which has served as a venue for Brad’s passion to broaden people’s perspective. Shenzhen has also been the place where Brad and Emily have been able to finally realize their dream of making a real difference in the lives of Chinese orphans. They have adopted two Chinese: Helen from the local Shenzhen orphanage, and Lance from Shanghai. They are both five years old. But their dream continued to grow as they were at last able to start the California Sunshine Foundation in 2007--a work to benefit Chinese orphans.

HeidiOlson was born and raised in Minnesota but has enjoyed living as a globalcitizen in countries such as Jamaica, Sweden, Romania and most recently China.With a BA degreein Elementary Education from Augustana College and 10 years experience as anOutdoor Education instructor and director for the YMCA, Heidi came to SunshineAcademy in 2008 to be our inaugural director of our Bao’an Sunshine Academy. In2011 she was promoted to the role of Executive Director overseeing all of ourschools and projects. In 2016 Heidi was welcomed to the California SunshineFoundation Board of Directors as a non-voting member (in accordance withCalifornia law.) Her heart, devotion and service to our Sunshine children andteam have been inspiring and abundant.



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