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10 Years of Sunshine Academy 2007 – 2017!

As we begin another decade of Sunshine Academy, we would like to give 10 Years of Thank You’s!

2007  Board Members Judene Irvine and Sabine Li, our first classes started in Bao’An and Shenzhen Centers with a group of volunteers.

2008   Heidi Olson, Samantha Sun, our first Sunshine professional team was formed and they have been leading hundreds of teachers and caregivers to provide love, education, and care to thousands of children.

2009    Administrators from Bao’An Center and officials at Bao’Ao Social Welfare Beaurue granted Sunshine official NGO status and we began to partner with Longgang, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Chengdu, and Zhengzhou Social Welfare Centers’ management teams.

2010    Local communities especially students from schools like CKC, ISNS, QSI Shenzhen and Dongguan, SIS, BCIS have formed a continues support for Sunshine-in-a-Box, Sunshine Academy in raising funds as well as performing at our Annual Benefit Fair.

2011    Many local and international businesses have generously given their time, talents, products and donations to Sunshine Academy. We are grateful for business sponsors such as Strax, Immi, KBX, Five Star Sports, Sim’s Bakery, British Chamber of Commerce, SWIC and many more. Sunshine friends through ‘My Sunshine’ Program such as Celia Chou, Liu Feifei, AJ and many others sponsors’ sacrificial giving have enabled Sunshine to continue to grow and reach more children in need.

2012    Our Annual Benefit Fair is organized by a tremendous group of highly talented and dedicated volunteers. Every year our Fair Committee led by Steven Yu and Liu Hong have put on an incredible family fair!

2013     Local fellowships have given from their heart, we are so grateful friends at Kelvin’s fellowship, SIF and others who have supported us with true love.

2014     Seeing a difference: dignified living. At Sunshine Academy, besides academic learning, students are learning to walk on their own, feed themselves and help clean up. Adoptive parents report to us that former Sunshine students adapt quickly to their loving home life and new school.

2015    On making a difference in education for our older students through Special Education, vocational training, we are in credibly thankful to James Myring at Strax and Alan She at Yanguan for breathing life into our vision by inviting our students into their factory to do internships. This special work experience gives our students an amazing opportunity to join society and develop important life skills.

2016 Vision for next 10 years: We are grateful for our Sunshine Board members who have spoken truth, vision and blessed us on moving forward to impact more children through new centers and new projects.

2017    Looking ahead, we give thanks to our Heavenly Father and the Sunshine children – all of whom are Gifts from Above. We are so blessed to be a part of this special mission.

We have warm hearts of gratitude for the hundreds of donors, volunteers, staff and friends who have worked with us shoulder-to-shoulder as we have pursued our joint dream to love and educate Chinese orphans一 instilling dignity and life skills to enable an independent life. THANK YOU!



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