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Volunteer-English Teachers

At Sunshine Academy we offer Sunshine Academy students the opportunity to learn English from native English speakers. We have volunteers with educational experience who help teach English during the school week (Monday – Friday). For teaching, we require that volunteers teach one morning or afternoon per week and commit for the whole school year.

We have a volunteer application specifically for teaching and availability for volunteering is based on the actual needs and curriculum arrangement at different Sunshine Academy schools. This volunteer opportunity is limited.

Volunteer sign up contact: Ivy Bai

Tel: 0755-86268617

Email: ivybai@casunshine.org


Contact: Ivy Bai

Phone: 13360527824

Tel: 86268617

Email: ivybai@casunshine.org

Add: 354 Liutang Rd and Xin'an St, Bao'an Shezhen, Guangdong Prov. , PR China