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Volunteer-Weekend Adventures

A fun and easy way to volunteer at Sunshine Academy is to help with our Weekend Adventure program.  The purpose of the weekend program is for the children to get out of the Social Welfare center twice a month.  They travel to book stores, supermarkets, parks and volunteers' homes etc.  We believe that this program is essential for children's development as it helps the children to get out of a confined environment and get in touch with the real world.  Also, by taking these children out with the help from the volunteer like you, these children will receive more one-to-one attention and care from the adult world.

As you know, children desire stable relationships, for this reason, we require our volunteers to work with us at least for half a year, if possible, a year.  This would mean once a month commitment on Saturdays for about 3 hours. Volunteers meet the teachers and students at the outing location.


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