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Special Vocational Education

Sunshine Academy Special Education and Vocational Training

Life skills, character development and independent living is the focus for our older students. Just like teenagers everywhere, our older students are learning how to take care of themselves, communicate well with others, handle their fluxuating emotions and participate in a meaningful way with the world around them.


Sunshine Academy students have a variety of special needs which means they will need support thoughout their growing up years as well as their adult life. Our goal at Sunshine Academy is to help them skills to make them as self-sufficient as possible and give them opportunities to have a meaningful life. We do this through:


     1. Life skills projects such as daily chores

     2. Fine and gross motor skill activities

     3. Character development

     4. On-site vocational projects such as the Sunshine Store, garden, bakery, or car wash


Sunshine Academy encorporates differnet Special Education methodologies in daily life for our teenaged students looking for ways to meet each young person’s unique needs.


We believe that each person is a treasure and no matter of their ability or disability together we can find ways to help them enjoy the personal achievement of caring for themselves and have the satisfaction of daily accomplishments and meaningful engagement with those around them. 


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