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Special Education

Special Education program in Preschool / Kindergarten(3-6 years old):Our systematic behavior management plan helps students develop good behavior habits, improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, and develop their overall learning potential.

Special education in primary and secondary schools (7-18 years old): Focusing on communication and life skill development and develop students' self-care ability in life, such as dressing, sorting out items, etc.

Sunshine Academy trains public social welfare center teachers, assistants and caregivers to provide a high quality preschool/kindergarten program that meets the specific needs of abandoned children in China. Using Special Educational methods and teaching skills, Sunshine Academy seeks to foster creativity, problem solving, positive behavior and life skills all the while treating children with the love, dignity and respect they need. This is a full time program offering classes in Chinese, English, math, fine motor skills, music, art, science, outdoor play, life skills and center time etc. Students also participate in activities such as Weekend Adventures outings and birthday parties and trips to the Sunshine Store.


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